L128 "Blue Phantom Pleco"


Common Name - Blue Phantom Pleco

Scientific Name - Hemiancistrus sp. "Blue Phantom"

Max Size - 8"

Care - Moderate

Temperature Range - 77-86F

pH - 6.0-7.0

Diet - Omnivore. Juveniles will eat more plant-based foods. Adults prefer meaty foods. All specimens are fed prepared and frozen foods.

Breeding - Very Difficult

Origin - Wild Colombia

Notes - The Blue Phantom Pleco is an absolute stunner. From a young age, these fish have amazing blue color. As they grow older, some fish become more green, but they are still an amazing fish to have in your collection! Minimum tank size should be 75-125G for an adult specimen. Juveniles grow very slowly and can be in as little as 20G for the first year.